By filling out this form, you will register your team for the Gent International Canoe Polo Tournament held on August 13-14th 2022.

The venue of the tournament is Yachtdreef 1A, 9000 Gent, Belgium.

The entry fee is 110 EUR for teams registering in 1st and 2nd class.
Registration will be effective only after the entry fee has been received.
When you decide not to come you will get your money refunded until 2 weeks before the tournament.

This year we will be working with a pre registration period. From the first of January you will be able to pay the entry fee. Teams that are pre-registered will receive a mail with the payment info.

Payment info
Beneficiary: GEKKO vzw. – p/a Krijgslaan 60A – 9000 Gent
IBAN: BE79 7373 0416 1933

Mention the name of your club and the team(s) for which you are paying.