For all consumptions (Food & Drinks) you will need a consumption card. You can pay cash or card. You will receive the card with the value of €4, €6, €10 and €20. Multiple consumption cards can be bought at the same time.

Drinks & Snacks

Drinks & Snacks can be bought at the bar paying with you consumption card. There will be a list with variety of drinks & snacks at the bar.


For our annual BBQ you need to buy a separate consumption card with the value of €15. You can get a second serving with this card. On the tournament you will get more information about what is grilling so you can decide there. It is easier to fill in the form so we can buy enough meat and don’t have waste. There will also be a vegetarian option


Breakfast can be bought with the consumption card. So you can decide what you want and how much you want.