Participants 2012

First Division                     Country    
GERMANY MEN Germany        
GEKKO Belgium        
IRWV 1 Belgium        
IRWV 2 Belgium        
WKV 1 Belgium        
TRITON LOKEREN Belgium        
TNT Belgium        
ACIGNE France        
SAINT-OMER France        
PADDLE BLACKS New Zealand        
NEW ZEALAND U-21 MEN New Zealand        
PENNINE A United Kingdom        
KINGSTON A United Kingdom        
VIKING A United Kingdom        
MERIDIAN A United Kingdom        
AUSTRALIA MEN Australia        
SWITZERLAND MEN Switzerland        
THE NETHERLANDS U-21 MEN The Netherlands        
THE NETHERLANDS SENIOR MEN    The Netherlands        
TREKVOGELS A The Netherlands        
CANADA MEN Canada        
SOUTH AFRICA MEN South Africa        



Second Division                Country    
MOKKA                                                   Belgium        
WKV 2 Belgium        
BKK BRUGGE Belgium        
KEISTAD B The Netherlands        
ZWETPLASSERS A The Netherlands        
VIKING VENLO The Netherlands        
MICHIEL DE RUYTER C The Netherlands        
ODYSSEUS B The Netherlands        
CANADA U-21 MEN Canada        
DRAGON Wales        
MERIDIAN E United Kingdom        
MERIDIAN D United Kingdom        
VIKING B United Kingdom        
KINGSTON B United Kingdom        
ST ALBANS MIX United Kingdom        
PENNINE B United Kingdom        
BEDFORD RAIDERS United Kingdom        
CHERWELL United Kingdom        



Ladies DivisionCountry    
NEW ZEALAND U-21 LADIES             New Zealand        
PADDLE FERNS New Zealand        
AUSTRALIAN LADIES Australia        
CANADA LADIES Canada        
RED STRIPE United Kingdom        
DENMARK LADIES Denmark